Salesforce to launch business streaming service 'Salesforce+'

Salesforce to Launch Business Streaming Service ‘Salesforce+’

To be released in September in conjunction with Salesforce’s Dreamforce event

Streaming isn’t just for entertainment anymore. Last week, global CRM leader Salesforce announced the launch of Salesforce+, a brand-new streaming service designed specifically for businesses. Salesforce+ will include live experiences and on-demand content including original series, podcasts and other programming. The goal of the streaming service is to help Salesforce users learn new skills, pursue new job and career opportunities, and facilitate change and innovation. The business-focused streaming service will be available globally in September during Salesforce’s Dreamforce event.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve had to reimagine how to succeed in the new digital-first world. We reimagined our events, shifting them to all-digital brand experiences and introduced new, relevant, original content,” said Sarah Franklin, Salesforce president and chief marketing officer in an August 10, 2021 news release.

“We’re not going back, we’re creating the future now. Just as brands like Disney, Netflix and Peloton have done with streaming services for consumers, Salesforce+ is providing an always-on, business media platform that builds trusted relationships with customers and a sense of belonging for the business community,” Franklin added.

Original content

Salesforce+ will feature original programming from Salesforce Studios including the following:

  • “Leading Through Change”: This weekly program launched in March 2020 to show how business leaders around the world were handling the pandemic. The award-winning show has more than 60 episodes with more than 700 million views.
  • “Connections”: In this series, Franklin interviews innovative marketers from companies like IBM, Levi’s and GoFundMe to learn more about how they are connecting with their audiences in the pandemic.
  • “The Inflection Point”: Hosted by Salesforce executive vice president Monica Langley, this show features leaders from top brands like Coca-Cola, PayPal, Ford and Workday who will share their personal stories, influences and values and discuss how those have shaped their leadership styles.
  • “Boss Talks”: Hosted by Salesforce’s chief philanthropy officer Ebony Beckwith, this program offers career advice. Beckwith interviews guests like NFL player Kelvin Beachum Jr. and Mona Monica Kattan of Huda Beauty, discussing issues like imposter syndrome and workplace authenticity.
  • “Simply Put”: This short-form video series, hosted by Emmanuel Acho, will help viewers understand how to simply complex business programs including building an ecommerce business and growing digital sales.

Salesforce+ and Dreamforce

The magic of Dreamforce, exclusively on Salesforce+. Image courtesy of Salesforce.

Salesforce will use Salesforce+ to help host Dreamforce and to enrich the experience for those attending. Dreamforce will be available on four broadcast channels (Prime Time, Trailblazer, Customer 360 and Industries) with over 100 hours of innovative and inspiring content. Dreamforce participants will be the first to get access to Salesforce+. It is not clear what Salesforce’s plans – or pricing – for Salesforce+ will be following the conference.

This news comes about three months after Salesforce reported its best first quarter in company history with revenue of $5.96 billion, a 23% increase year-over-year. The company’s CFO reported that Salesforce had record levels of new business and strength across all products, regions and customer sizes.

“Our impressive start to this year helps fuel our momentum for the rest of the year as we keep pace toward our goal of $50 billion in revenue in FY26,” said Amy Weaver, president and CFO.

Insider Take

This is certainly a unique take on streaming content, but with more than 150,000 customers, Salesforce has a built-in audience. Creating content specifically geared to that audience makes their products and services “stickier,” and it gives them something other CRM companies don’t currently offer. To date, there has been no mention of pricing. It seems like this type of service might be included at no extra cost to Salesforce customers, but perhaps the company will offer it to non-customers on a trial basis to woo them or for a fee.  

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