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Weekly Subscription News: Finding Fraud, Social Feeds and NFTs

Featuring Substack, Tripadvisor, Netflix and The Economist

This was a week of milestones for some top subscription companies. For example, paid newsletter subscription service Substack hit 1 million subscribers, Workweek launched a new platform for business journalists, and Netflix started testing a TikTok-style feed for kids.

Also, Tripadvisor found and removed 1 million fraudulent reviews last year, The Economist auctioned off a ‘Rabbit Hole’ NFT for $422,000, and Twitter expanded its subscription service to news articles.

Substack Celebrates 1 Million Paid Subscriptions

Tripadvisor Found and Removed 1 Million Fraudulent Reviews in 2020
Media Post

Twitter Expands Its Subscription Service to News Articles
The New York Times

Workweek, a New Platform for Business Journalists, Launches

Netflix Tests a TikTok-Style Feed for Kids
The Verge

The Economist Auctions ‘Rabbit Hole’ NFT for $422,000
Media Post

Apple Quietly Buying Ads Via Google for High-Value Subscription Apps

Disney+ Added Just 2 Million Subscribers Last Quarter. Here’s Why.
Los Angeles Times

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