Meredith Launches Paw Print Magazine for Cat and Dog Lovers

Meredith Launches Paw Print Magazine for Cat and Dog Lovers

Magazine to be delivered to 1 million Meredith customers who own a cat and a dog.

Fido and Fluffy owners have a new place to get their fill of furry fun and information – Paw Print magazine. Meredith announced the launch of the new magazine on Tuesday. Serving as the print complement to, the new Paw Print magazine will be sent to about 1 million Meredith customers who own both cats and dogs. Each issue will provide useful pet care tips, information, resources and entertainment.

Meredith said it reaches nearly 70% of all pet owners in the U.S. and about 80 million dog owners and more than 40 million cat owners across its brands including PEOPLE, REAL SIMPLE, Southern Living and Parents. Stimulated in part by COVID restrictions and stay-at-home orders, close to 85 million U.S. households own pets according to the American Pet Products Association.

Paw Print cover

“PawPrint is a clear progression toward serving Meredith’s pet consumers with desired content in a print product,” said George Baer III, VP, Managing Director of Foundry 360 @ Meredith, in a May 11 news release. “Building on the momentum from, which launched last year and got off to a strong start exceeding 2 million unique monthly viewers, the magazine will be delivered to 1 million Meredith consumers who own both a dog and a cat—making it the single largest pet magazine serving this growing market.”

Diane di Costanzo, editor-in-chief of PawPrint, also commented on the launch of the magazine.

“This past year has taught us just how much having pets at home enhances our overall happiness and well-being. PawPrint serves the needs of pet parents by giving them ways to make their homes more pet-friendly and ensuring that their pets live healthier lives,” di Costanzo said.

Mars Petcare, the magazine’s launch sponsor, said in its second annual Better Cities for Pets report that 86% of pet owners have pets because they are an important source for companionship. This has never been truer than the last year.

“With the emotional bond between people and their pets stronger than ever, we have a great opportunity to continue to deepen our connection with pet parents,” said Craig Neely, Vice President of Marketing at Mars Petcare. “Pairing our industry expertise with Meredith’s platforms allows us to share the health and wellness content pet owners are seeking.”

Insider Take

As someone who adopted two rescue animals – a dog and a cat – during the pandemic, I can understand why pet ownership is so important right now and why this is a key market for Meredith to cater to. They have a captive audience already with their consumer magazines and their website will attract print readers as well. Having a launch partner to help spread the word, and share the costs, is a smart strategic move for Meredith as they move away from broadcast TV and all-in on magazines.

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