Red Hat expands learning opportunities with premium subscriptions

Red Hat Users Can Expand Learning with Premium Subscription

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Red Hat users can now expand their learning through a new offering, Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium. Initially only available to subscribers in North America, the new premium subscription program offers self-paced learning and access to Red Hat instructors through live, interactive, virtual classes. Subscribers, who want to hone their skills and keep up with the latest technology, get unlimited access to study a range of topics across Red Hat’s product portfolio.

“Our learning subscription is always evolving to help you meet business needs and solve any IT challenges you encounter in the field,” said Red Hat in the video introduction.

Enhance your Red Hat skills

Subscribers can set their own course for learning which includes setting learning goals and preparing to get Red Hat certification.

Individual and enterprise subscription options

Based on their goals and needs, Red Hat learners can choose the subscription program that best suits their needs. Here is a quick summary of the options, each of which includes a seven-day free trial. See for complete program descriptions.

Basic – $6,000 plus taxes for 20 training units

Includes hands-on labs, early access, instructor videos, course e-books and learning paths

Standard – $7,000 plus taxes for 24 training units

Includes everything in the Basic plan plus

Expert seminars, certification exams, instructor office hours with an expert chat function

Developer – $3,500 plus taxes for 12 training units

Includes developer-specific courses, hands-on labs (up to 100 hours), certification exams (up to 3 attempts), early access and course e-books

Premium – $8,000 plus taxes for 27 training units

Includes everything in the Standard tier plus self-paced or instructor-led options, flexibility to train from anywhere, courses that span the entire Red Hat product portfolio, interaction with instructors and students, access to resources

Enterprise subscription options are also available at the Basic, Standard and Developer level.


The company first launched Red Hat Learning Subscriptions in 2016. They have since become a top-selling training and certification tool, helping Red Hat professionals learn at their own pace, aligned with their companies’ goals, needs and schedules.

“The events over the past year have changed the landscape for learning. Our customers expect flexible learning options that align to the new normal of working from anywhere and learning in the flow of work. With the Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium, we’re providing users with a modernized, flexible experience that allows our customers to fill critical skill gaps quickly and effectively so they can accelerate their IT transformation efforts,” said Ken Goetz, vice president of training and certification for Red Hat.

Insider Take

In the last year, we have all learned that we must do things differently to stay productive in a remote world, to continue our learning to remain competitive, and to master technological tools to be current, if not ahead of the curve. Red Hat has already seen success with its learning subscription. This is a great opportunity for them to expand their offerings to reach new audiences – and to earn recurring revenue while doing so. Also, having additional users and developers certified in using Red Hat also makes those users more “captive,” and likely to stay with Red Hat. After all, why would you invest that kind of money in learning if you were going to switch platforms?

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