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Weekly Subscription News: Stock, Starz and Subscription Renewals

Featuring Workday, ViX, Twitter and The Washington Post

In this week’s subscription headlines, YouTube is retiring YouTube Stories in June, Workday’s stock surges on boosted subscription revenue, and Starz is raising its subscription price by $1 a month. Also, Gen Z leads the decline in subscription renewals, Twitter reveals subscription payments publicly, and The Washington Post tries to reach younger readers by accepting subscription payments via Venmo.

YouTube’s Retiring YouTube Stories Next Month
Social Media Today

Workday Stock Surges on Boosted Subscription Revenue

ViX’s Premium Tier Joins Roku’s Premium Subscription Lineup
Roku Newsroom

Starz Will Raise Its Subscription Price by $1 in June

Gen Z Leads Decline in Subscription Renewals

Twitter Reveals Subscription Payments Publicly
Global Village Space

The Washington Post Targets Younger Readers With Venmo Payment Offer
Media Post

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