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Two weeks into the new year, subscription companies are growing, expanding and changing. Among the week’s highlights: Ubisoft is bringing its subscription service to Xbox, Walmart taps Netflix duo to expand its multiplatform branded portfolio, and FuboTV closes 2021 with 1.1 million subscribers. Also, Amazon downplays reports that it is pulling Kindle out of China, Audible discontinues daily digests of top news organizations, and Spotify shuts down its namesake podcast studio.

Ubisoft Is Bringing Its Subscription Service to Xbox
The Verge

Wired Mergers US & UK Editions, Enhances Coverage of International Tech Challenges
Media Post

Walmart Taps Netflix Duo to Expand Its Multimedia Branded Portfolio

Amazon Downplays Reports That It’s Pulling Kindle from China

Google Offers to Omit News Showcase from Search Results in Germany as Antitrust Rolls On

Audible Discontinues Daily Audio Digests of NYT, WSJ and Washington Post Stories

Spotify Shuts Down Its Namesake Podcast Studio
The Verge

AP to Launch NFT Photography Marketplace Built by Xooa
Associated Press

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