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Featuring Chargebee, Twitch, Squarespace and Financial Times

Recurring revenue, ratcheting up retention and revealing strong subscription increases made the headlines this week. Chargebee boosts subscription and recurring revenue tools with a $125 million funding round, Twitch purges 7.5 bot accounts, warning streamers of sudden follower losses, and Facebook hopes to make data scraping leaks part of the normal course of business. Also, the Associated Press is building a local news collaborative, the Institute for Nonprofit News writes an open letter to Substack, and the Financial Times restructures its consumer revenue team to ratchet up retention.

Chargebee Boosts Subscription and Recurring Revenue Tools with $125M Round

Twitch Purges 7.5M Bot Accounts, Warns Streamers of Sudden Follower Losses

Facebook Hopes to ‘Normalize’ Idea of Data Scraping Leaks, Says Leaked Memo

Exclusive: AP Building Local News Collaborative

An Open Letter to Substack
Institute for Nonprofit News

Squarespace Files S-1, Revealing Strong Subscription Increases and Growing Commerce Business
Crunchbase News

Oculus Now Allows Developers to Sell Subscriptions to Their Quest Apps & Games
The Verge

To Ratchet Up Retention, the Financial Times Restructures Consumer Revenue Team

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