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Weekly Subscription News: Refills, Revenue and Raising Prices

Featuring YouTube, Dungeons & Dragons, Strava and HBO Max

This week’s subscription news headlines feature the refill economy, creator revenue opportunities and unexpected price increases. In a sudden announcement, The Mail Tribune, a Medford, Oregon-based newspaper that is more than a century old, announced it was shutting down on January 13. Also, YouTube is allowing creators to earn Shorts ad revenue on February 1, if they agree to new terms; Dungeons & Dragons players cancel their subscriptions after an insider leak; and Strava raises its prices but you can’t tell how much it costs anymore. We’ve got those headlines and more in this week’s subscription round-up.

Oregon Paper Closing After More Than a Century of Publishing
Associated Press

YouTube Creators Can Earn Shorts Ad Revenue on Feb. 1 with New Terms

Will the Refill Economy Be the Sequel to the Buy Local Movement?

D&D Players Cancel Subscriptions En Masse After Insider Leak, Crash Servers

Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore
DC Rainmaker

Payments Churn Innovator Butter Raises $22M in Funding
FinTech Magazine

Cancel All Those Subscriptions You Don’t Need with This Hidden Smartphone Feature

Axios Launches Centralized News Hub

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