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Weekly Subscription News: Raising Money and Reviving Local News

Featuring iCloud, Amazon Prime, Revel, NPR and Netflix

This week’s subscription news roundup includes nine hard truths about reviving local news, new plan options for iCloud+, and raising money for a car subscription platform in Spain. Also, NPR is trying to fill budget shortfalls by asking for donations, Netflix ends a three-year legal battle over Squid Game traffic, and Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are just around the corner.

9 Hard Truths About Reviving Local News
Nieman Lab

iCloud+ Adds a 6TB and 12TB Storage Plan

Streaming TV Ads Beat Mobile Ads Informing Holiday Purchases
Media Post

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Are Coming Oct. 11-12, 2023

Spanish Startup Revel Raises $125M for Car Subscription Platform

A Paywall? Not NPR’s Style. A New Pop-Up Asks for Donations Anyway.
Nieman Lab

Netflix Ends a Three-Year Legal Dispute over Squid Game Traffic
The Verge

Atlanta News Outlet Aims for 500K Digital Subscribers in Under 4 Years
The Wall Street Journal

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