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Weekly Subscription News: Concerns, Cancellations and Community

Featuring Truebill, Chicago Reader, Reddit and Shapchat

In this week’s subscription news headlines, Facebook expresses serious concerns over an online news bill in Canada, and Truebill uses subscription cancellations to fund its own recurring revenue model. Also, Reddit launches a community funds program with a $1 million investment, Snapchat is booming, and Meta open its first retail store to reintroduce the metaverse.

Facebook Has Serious Concerns Over Online News Bill
Toronto Star

Truebill Turned Canceling Subscriptions into the Ultimate Recurring Revenue Business

Chicago Reader Owner Steps Down, Freeing Alternative Newspaper to Go Nonprofit
Chicago Tribune

Scoop: The Numbers Behind CNN+

Reddit Officially Launches Community Funds Program with $1M Investment

Why Data Scientists Say Behavioral Analytics Is a Security Stack Must-Have

Why Snapchat’s Product Is Booming
Medium – Alex Kantrowitz

Meta Reintroduces the Metaverse with Its First Retail Store
Media Post

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