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CNBC Launches CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer

Prospective subscribers must sign up for Cramer’s free newsletter to get subscription details, including pricing.

On Tuesday, CNBC announced the launch of their new CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, a subscription for investors that gives subscribers access to Cramer’s portfolio management and investment expertise. The subscription includes behind-the-scenes market analysis from Cramer and the Investing Club team, which consists of Jeff Marks, director of portfolio analysis, and Zev Fima, portfolio analyst.

Investing Club features

Neither CNBC nor the join page for the investing club shared subscription details, including pricing, frequency options or subscription terms and conditions. Prospective subscribers must sign up for Cramer’s free newsletter, Morning Thoughts, to get a special introductory offer to join the CNBC Investing Club. CNBC did, however, share what subscribers will get when they join the club:

  • Access to all of Cramer’s trades
  • Cramer’s analysis on stocks in the charitable trust portfolio
  • Daily stock market analysis
  • Cramer’s thoughts on breaking business and investment news that impact the stock markets
  • Invitations to attend future monthly live meetings
  • Daily videos from Cramer and his Investing Club team
  • More features to be added in the coming months
Source: screenshot from CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer’s “join page”

Jeff Nash will serve as the managing editor of the new investment club, focusing on editorial strategy. He will also work with Cramer and the Investing Club team to produce exclusive content for subscribers daily.

“After nearly four months of nonstop hard work, today we celebrate the product launch of the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer,” said Margaret de Luna, general manager and senior vice president of CNBC’s direct-to-consumer business, in the company’s announcement. “The tremendous and immediate feedback we received about the Investing Club newsletter made it possible for our team to quickly build a must-have product intended to help members gain an edge in creating and managing their wealth.”

Cramer also commented on the launch of the investment club.

“The CNBC Investing Club shows members how to be their own portfolio manager in real time. Our team is privileged to serve the greatest investing audience in the world, and we intend to teach every member how to best handle their investments and control their own destiny,” Cramer said.

The offer

To get details on the introductory offer, interested investors must subscribe to Cramer’s Daily Thoughts newsletter, as noted above. Current pricing is $249.99 a year, a 50% discount, which is only valid until January 31, according to the Investing Club’s FAQs. This special rate can only be accessed by signing up through the emailed link. The link takes prospective subscribers to a join page. To join, would-be subscribers must create an account for the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer. They must check a box that gives NBCUniversal and their businesses permission to send subscribers newsletters, promotions and other marketing materials.

Prospective subscribers must sign up for Jim Cramer’s newsletter to get access to pricing and this introductory offer, which is only good until Jan. 31, 2022. Source: offer screenshot

Insider Take

Jim Cramer has an excellent reputation in portfolio management and market analysis, and millions of viewers and readers access his expertise on TV and online every day. CNBC found another way to monetize his value. They created a free must-read newsletter that became CNBC’s “fastest growing and most engaged newsletter in 2021.” Starting February 1, Investing Club newsletter subscribers will lose access to trade alerts, Cramer’s insights on the charitable trust portfolio and other free features. They must join the Investing Club to continue to receive that information.

There is no question this will be a popular product among investors. What we think could be improved is transparency, including pricing and terms and conditions of the subscription service. Prospective subscribers have to sign up for the free newsletter to get additional information about the subscription, and they can’t opt out of promotions from other NBCUniversal businesses. While these processes may work for the Investing Club now, that could change as the regulation of subscriptions tightens. As a subscription best practice, we always encourage transparency in all aspects of a subscription, particularly with pricing, special offers and terms and conditions.

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