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Weekly Subscription News: Plates, Products and Purchases

Featuring Urban Plates, Bloomberg, Shopify and Autonomy

Subscription headlines are ringing in the New Year in style. Urban Plates is cutting the price of their subscriptions in half, Bloomberg is reportedly interested in buying Dow Jones or Washington Post, and TikTok is going to allow adults-only content. Also, Shopify wants to attract major retailers to their platform with a new subscription product, and Autonomy’s CEO says the company is in dire financial straits. Will they survive?

Urban Plates Cutting Price of Subscription Program in Half

Bloomberg Interested in Buying WSJ-Parent Dow Jones or Washington Post

TikTok Begins Rolling Out the Ability for Creators to Restrict Videos to Adult Viewers

Shopify Launches New Subscription Product to Lure Big Retail Clients

Social Beauty Pageant: The Contenders That Could Replace Twitter
Media Post

Autonomy CEO Warns Company is in Dire Financial Straits
Business Insider

Lee Enterprises Is Late in Filing Its Annual Report
Media Post

How Mobile App Subscription Monetization Will Evolve in 2023

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