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Forbes Launches Lead Generation Subscription Service

Forbes wants to help marketing partners reach their target audiences using Forbes content through the media company’s new lead generation subscription service, Forbes Demand

Forbes wants to help marketing partners reach their target audiences using Forbes content through the media company’s new lead generation subscription service, Forbes Demand Engine. According to a June 14, 2021 announcement, Forbes has been successfully delivering lead generation results to its marketing partners for years. The new Forbes Demand Engine builds on that success to allow brands to refine and personalize content to engage their desired audiences.

“Forbes Demand Engine uses our deep experience of working closely with partners and understanding their specific needs when it comes to converting audience interest into tangible leads,” said Jessica Sibley, Forbes chief revenue officer.

“We know our partners are seeking new opportunities and sources to drive growth and sales and we are pleased that through Forbes Demand Engine we can provide them with relevant content and a ready-made, customizable audience of decision makers to engage with and help drive their business forward,” Sibley added.

Through the company’s lead generation subscription service, Demand Engine, Forbes’ clients and marketing partners subscribe to Forbes content, content studio and data resources. Using those tools, subscribers can create personalized campaigns.

“The service combines the credibility and resonance of Forbes content with the efficiencies of a subscription offering to the benefit of our clients with specific lead or demand generation goals. Data from our audiences who actively engage with content will be captured and delivered to our partners,” said Forbes. “Unlike other services, Forbes Lead Engine can guarantee engagement and qualified, data-compliant leads from the most relevant segments of this unique and influence audience.”

Subscription benefits

Forbes lists three subscription benefits:

  • Qualified leads: Subscribers will get guaranteed qualified and data compliant leads from an audience of decision makers.
  • Premium content: Subscribers get access to premium, curated Forbes content, including thought leadership content to give brands credibility and expanded reach.
  • Efficient and flexible: Forbes Demand Engine provides subscribers with turnkey, repeatable quarterly campaigns that are fully managed and optimized by Forbes.

Producing results

On its Demand Engine web page, Forbes said, to date, it has more than 65 partners and 25,000 articles to fuel campaigns. The company has already delivered more than 55,000 leads.

Forbes by the numbers

In the company’s media kit, Forbes said it is the leading business media brand in the world. Here are a few highlights that show Forbes’ reach:

  • Digital & social:  132 million global unique visitors, including 78 million in the U.S.
  • Print: Forbes has 6 million print readers.
  • Events: The company hosts more than 100 events annually with more than 50,000 attendees representing 188 countries.
  • Editions: Forbes publishes 40 global editions in 27 languages and 70 countries.
  • Newsletters: Forbes offers 26 free newsletters and 34 paid newsletters.

Insider Take

Forbes is taking its knowledge of C-suite decision makers, small business leaders and entrepreneurs to create a lead generation product that guarantees qualified leads. The company’s goal is quite aspirational, but they have been doing this for years. They are just now turning it into a subscription product, which may make its services accessible to more companies. By doing so, the company has provided another opportunity for Forbes’ target audience to succeed while diversifying its own revenue sources for long-term growth and sustainability.

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