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Weekly Subscription News: Purchases, Privacy and Partners

Featuring Facebook, Ogden Newspapers, BuzzFeed and Donald Trump

In this week’s subscription news round-up, BuzzFeed’s SPAC IPO is a bust, Spotify removes many comedians’ content because of a royalties dispute, and Facebook quietly buys up the metaverse. Also, the Federal Trade Commission wants digital news subscribers to be able to click to cancel online, but newspapers balk, The Atlantic continues their rapid expansion of newsletter brand extensions, and a Trump media partner says they have lined up $1 billion in capital to launch the former president’s own social media platform.

BuzzFeed Tumbles in Turbulent Debut for Digital Media

Facebook Is Quietly Buying Up the Metaverse

Spotify Removes Many Comedians’ Work Over Royalties Dispute

FTC: Let Digital Subscribers Click to Cancel. Newspapers: Hey, Not So Fast.
Nieman Lab

Top EU Official Warns Privacy Rules May Need to Change

Ogden Newspapers Purchases Swift Communications
Editor & Publisher

The Atlantic Continues with Rapid Expansion of Newsletter Brand Extensions
Media Post

Trump Media Partner Says It Has Lined up $1B in Capital
Bangor Daily News

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