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Weekly Subscription News: Lawsuits, Layoffs and Leaving Subscribers Hanging

Featuring Google, Gannett, Mic and Alltrue

In this week’s subscription news round-up, Google faces a €25B lawsuit in the UK and EU over digital advertising, Gannett is selling four Massachusetts newspapers, and BDG is laying off staff at Mic. Also, iPhone 14 may soon be available via subscription, subscription box company Alltrue leaves customers hanging, and a court rejects Google’s attempt to dismiss a state attorney general antitrust case.

Google Faces €25B Lawsuit in UK and EU over Digital Advertising
The Guardian

Gannett Is Selling 4 Massachusetts Papers Slated for Closure
Media Post

BDG Is Shutting Tech Title Input and Laying off Staff at Mic

20% of YouTube Original Channels Get 1M Views a Week

You Might Be Able to Buy an iPhone 14 via Subscription This Year

What You Need to Know about Proposed Changes to Mastercard Recurring Payments
Fundraising & Philanthropy

Customers Left Hanging by Subscription Box Company Alltrue
NBC Los Angeles

Court Rejects Google’s Attempt to Dismiss State AG Antitrust Case
News Media Alliance

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