Uber bundles services into Uber One subscription service.

Uber Combines Rides, Deliveries and Perks in New Uber One Subscription

Bundling services for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year

Uber wants to simplify customers lives by offering one subscription service for all their ride share and delivery needs. With the new Uber One subscription, launched earlier this week, customers save on transportation costs, eligible deliveries and pick-up orders, while earning perks and getting exclusive access to special offers, promotions and invitation-only experiences.

“With Uber One, members receive savings and an elevated experience on everyday moments. Whether you’re hopping in a ride to and from work, getting dinner on the table, or stocking your refrigerator, Uber One was designed to help make each day a little easier,” says Awaneesh Verma, head of membership, in the company’s November 17, 2021 announcement.

“With one membership across the entire Uber platform, Uber One is set to provide value for our members beyond savings. Uber One will help navigate everyday life with support, access and special perks, such as ongoing invitations to join cooking classes, concerts, and more,” Verma added.

Screenshot courtesy of Uber

Pricing and terms

Uber One is offering promotional pricing through November 29 – $49.99 for the first year, a 50% discount off the regular annual price. Beyond the promotional pricing, Uber One will be available for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. On its Uber One page, Uber does not specify the terms or length of the free trial. However, the app screenshots show Uber is offering a one-month free trial. Subscriptions auto-renew, whether paid monthly or annually. To avoid being billed, subscribers have to cancel their membership more than 48 hours before their billing day. Other terms and conditions apply.

Initial benefits

At launch, Uber One is offering subscribers the following benefits:

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  • Guaranteed member pricing: Subscribers get 5% off eligible rides and orders on food, groceries, alcohol and more, including eligible pickup orders.
  • Priority service: Subscribers are given access to top-rated Uber drivers along with the Uber One Promise on eligible deliveries – if Uber’s latest arrival estimate is wrong (after an order is placed), the subscriber receives $5 in Uber Cash to be used on a future order.
  • Free delivery: Subscribers pay $0 in delivery fees on eligible orders over $15 and grocery orders over $30.
  • Exclusive perks: Subscribers get premium member support plus special offers and promotions an invitation-only experiences.

Uber says this is just the beginning for Uber One. They plan to expand the program and add more benefits in the future to maximize value for their subscribers.

Insider Take

In theory, this sounds like a great deal for Uber users and for Uber on the subscription side of the house. However, we are a bit skeptical. Uber has switched up their subscription model before, and this doesn’t seem like a new product but rather a revamp of Uber Eats Pass. Also, Uber rides and deliveries are limited in some areas, so it isn’t clear exactly where Uber One is available or how that may impact someone’s decision to subscribe. We like the idea, but this seems like a refresh of an existing idea. That is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, reimagining subscription services is a great way for companies to attract new audiences, but we always encourage full transparency for the best subscriber experience and maximum retention.

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