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Weekly Subscription News: Apps, Access and Updates

Featuring Apple, Lyft, Patreon and Instagram

Apps, news access and Apple updates are all in the subscription headlines this week. Instagram was the most downloaded app worldwide in the third quarter, Facebook may block Canadians’ access to news over proposed online news legislation, and the new Apple update will include Fitness+ for iPhone users. Also, Lyft relaunches their monthly subscription at half price, the FTC is considering new rules to fight fake reviews, and Simon Owens’s shares thoughts on why Patreon is struggling.

A New Apple Update Is Coming and It Includes Fitness+ to iPhone Users
Yahoo Finance

Facebook Warns It Could Block Canadians’ Access to News Over Ottawa’s Online News Bill
The Globe and Mail

Lyft Relaunches Monthly Subscription Plan at Half Price

Why Patreon Is Struggling
Simon Owens’s Media Newsletter

Subscribe & Thrive: Why TikTok and YouTube Adopted Twitch’s Subscription Model

FTC Considers New Rules to Combat Phony Reviews
Media Post

Google Launches Its News Showcase Program in France

Instagram Is the Most Downloaded App in the World in Q3 2022

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