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Before you kick off your Labor Day weekend, check out these subscription headlines, hot off the press. Twitter is rolling out monetization options for its Clubhouse clone, “Spaces,” Apple hopes to attract more publishers to Apple News by reducing their revenue share, and TikTok tests longer video and more advertising options. Also, ESPN wants to license its brand for $3 billion as the sports-betting industry grows, The Spokesman-Review is bringing back The Spokane Daily Chronicle in digital form, 29 years after shuttering it, and why Facebook suddenly fears the Federal Trade Commission, according to The New Yorker.

Twitter Is Starting to Roll Out Monetization for Its Clubhouse Clone ‘Spaces’

YouTube Will Finally Roll Out Picture-in-Picture Model to All iOS Users

Apple Will Take a Smaller Cut of Publishers’ Sales If They Join Apple News
The Verge

ESPN Looks to License Brand for $3 Billion as Sports-Betting Grows
Business Insider

TikTok Tests Longer Video, More Options for Advertisers
Media Post

After 29-Year Hiatus, The Spokesman-Review Brings Back The Spokane Daily Chronicle

Why Facebook Is Suddenly Afraid of the Federal Trade Commission
The New Yorker

Streamlabs Launches Monthly Tipping Service as Alternative to Twitch Subscriptions
The Verge

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