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Weekly Subscription News: Watch Parties, Early Access and Copycat Videos

Featuring Discord, Billogram, CherryRoad Media, Marvel and Snapchat

In this first weekend of October, watch parties, early access and copycat videos share the subscription headlines. Discord is developing an official YouTube Watch Party feature called Watch Together; recurring billing payments provider Billogram raises $45 million; and CherryRoad Media will buy 20 titles from Gannett. Also, Tripadvisor’s CEO defends subscription changes the company made which drew the ire of investors, Snapchat has reduced its $1 million-a-day creator payments because of a flood of copycat videos, and Facebook outlines potential impacts of Apple’s data tracking update.

Discord Is Developing an Official YouTube Watch Party Feature Called Watch Together

Billogram, a Recurring Billing Payments Provider, Raises $45 Million

CherryRoad Media to Acquire 20 Titles from Gannett
Media Post

Tripadvisor CEO Defends Subscription Changes That Rattled Investors

You Can Now Pay $3.99 a Month to Hear Marvel Podcasts Early
The Verge

Snapchat Reduced Spotlight’s $1M Per Day Payout Because of Flood of ‘Copycat’ Videos

Apple TV+ Has Less Than 20 Million Subscribers

Facebook Outlines Impacts of Apple’s Data Tracking Update
Social Media Today

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