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Featuring The Athletic, Streamlabs, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Substack

Sales, software and streaming video sports coverage are in the subscription headlines this week. Other stories include Butter raising $7 million to help companies lower involuntary subscriber churn, PlantX launches a new online shopping subscription service, and Google signs a five-year deal to pay for news from Agence France-Presse. Also, Meredith is hedging on its plan to cut jobs. Streamlabs is accused of copying products, and The Athletic continues its search for new subscribers…and a buyer.

Meredith Walks Back Letter Suggesting Des Moines Job Cuts
Media Post

Butter Raises $7M to Help Companies Lower Involuntary Subscriber Churn

PlantX Launches New Online Shopping Subscription Service

The Athletic Searches Far and Wide for New Subscribers as It Seeks a Sale

Creator Software Company Streamlabs Accused of Copying Products

The Philadelphia Inquirer Bets on Live Streaming Video Sports Coverage

Google Signs 5-Year Deal to Pay for News from Agence France-Presse

Substack to Offer $500 Health Insurance Stipend to Writers Making $5K a Year
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