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Featuring Nokia, Netflix, Meta, Match Group and The Salt Lake Tribune

This week’s subscription headlines feature billionaire Barry Diller who cut his ties with Tinder by selling all of his Match Group shares for $1.9 billion. Also, the News Media Alliance calls out false claims that the JCPA will cause job losses, Corvette buyers will reportedly be forced to pay for a three-year OnStar subscription, and it looks like Netflix’s ad-supported subscription plan is launching in November.

Billionaire Barry Diller Cut Final Ties with Tinder, Sold All Match Group Shares for $1.9B

False Claims about JCPA about Job Losses
News Media Alliance

2023 Corvette Buyers Reportedly Forced to Pay for 3-Year OnStar Subscription as of Sept. 1

Netflix’s Ad-Supported Subscription Plan Expected to Launch Nov. 1
PC Magazine

Nokia’s New Circular Phone Subscription Build with Sustainability in Mind
Android Police

Meta is Shutting Down Facebook ‘Neighborhoods’ for Local Communities

How The Salt Lake Tribune Developed Mormon Land to Grow National Audience
Better News

Medium’s New CEO on Company’s Journalism Mistakes, Bundle Economics and Life After Ev Williams
Nieman Lab

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