Surf Air Launches New Group Membership Plan

Starting at $3,000 per month for six one-way flights

Subscription News: Surf Air Launches New Group Membership Plan

Source: Surf Air

Hoping to make flying more affordable for groups, Surf Air has launched a new group membership plan. Under this plan, group members pay a $250 initiation fee per person. There is no limit to the number of members in a group, but a two-member minimum applies. Monthly dues start at $3,000 for six one-way flights on executive, eight-seat planes within Surf Air’s California and Texas markets. For those who want more flights, recurring flight packs of 10 one-way flights are available for $5,000 each. Unused flights roll over to the next month.

Routes in the Surf Air network include the following:


–      Los Angeles (Hawthorne and Burbank)
–      San Francisco (Oakland and San Carlos)
–      San Diego
–      Santa Barbara
–      Monterey
–      Napa Valley
–      Burbank
–      Lake Tahoe
–      Palm Springs

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–      Dallas
–      Houston
–      Austin
–      Midland

New markets are coming soon, including Orange County, Mammoth Lakes, Bakersfield, San Luis Obispo and Scottsdale.

Subscription News: Surf Air Launches New Group Membership Plan

After sign-up, Surf Air members sign into the Surf Air app and can book a trip in as little as 30 seconds. Members schedule a flight based on the existing schedules of third-party operators and are guaranteed to travel with no more than seven other Surf Air members at one time. Surf Air touts its benefits as saving waiting time in line at the airport, navigating online bookings and avoiding call centers and other hassles.

‘With Surf Air, you’re leaving less up to chance – no frustrating airport experiences, lost bags, or time lost waiting, and fewer overnight stays and hotel costs. Gain two hours of productive time to put back in your day, work, and life,’ says Surf Air on its website. ‘No limits, no restrictions. Send your people where they need to go, when they need to go there – and avoid last-minute fare hikes and unpredictable scheduling.’

The new group membership plan is in addition to other membership plans offered by Surf Air, starting at $1,950 per month. These plans apply to different markets and require a 12-month commitment.

Subscription News: Surf Air Launches New Group Membership Plan

Source: Surf Air

Surf Air also offers an Escapes Membership for weekend getaways. Annual dues are $2,500 and seat prices range between $600 to $750 each way. All flights start at noon on Fridays and return on Sunday. Destinations include Napa, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, San Carlos, Burbank and Hawthorne. Surf Air Experiences – including events and activities – are also available.

Last summer Surf Air expanded into Europe, flying from London to Ibiza and Cannes. This spring the company added routes between Zurich and Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, Brussels and Vienna and between Milan and Geneva, Nice, Zurich, Basel and London, reports Private Jet Card Comparisons.

Subscription News: Surf Air Launches New Group Membership Plan

Source: Surf Air

Insider Take:

If you are a corporate traveler or live in a market served by Surf Air and money is no object, Surf Air can make your life a little easier – and much more comfortable when traveling. A Surf Air membership – individual or group – is certainly not for everyone, but the company is catering to a specific audience, one who values time more than money. We like Surf Air’s business model. They launched in 2013 and have gradually added new markets and membership features to meet their customers’ demand. They seem to know their customers well, and they’ve been successful in making travel easier and more flexible for their members.