Haus Raises $4.5 Million in Seed Funding to Launch Aperitif Membership

A new company makes a splash with its free membership program

Haus Raises $4.5 Million in Seed Funding to Launch Aperitif Membership

Source: Haus

Get handcrafted, pre-dinner drinks delivered right to your door, thanks to a new aperitif membership program. Last week, Haus announced that it raised $4.5 million in seed funding, reports FoodBev. The funding round included 10 funds and 100 individual investors. Founded last June, Haus will use the funding round to expand its operations and launch Haus Membership, a free-to-join monthly membership program that gives members access to exclusive flavors, product discounts, free shipping and members-only events.

The Haus Membership, which is available in all states except Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Utah, South Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii, offers three plans:

One bottle per month

Two bottles per month

Six bottles per month

$35 monthly

$63 monthly

$144 monthly

Free shipping on all orders

 Free shipping on all orders

Free shipping on all orders


10% discount on all orders

20% discount on all orders

Access to exclusive flavors

Early access to exclusive flavors

First access to exclusive access

Access to members-only events

Early access to members-only events

First access to members-only events

Membership begins the day a member signs up, with their first monthly shipment going out three to five days after. They also receive immediate access to events and exclusive flavors. The membership program is on auto-renewal, so members are billed monthly and will receive their monthly shipments based on their original enrollment date. Members can pause their membership for up to three months per year without charge.

Haus Raises $4.5 Million in Seed Funding to Launch Aperitif Membership

Source: Haus

In addition to the new membership program, Haus offers an online store where customers can buy aperitifs like Bitter Clove, Citrus Flower and Rose Rosé, each with alcohol by volume of 15%. They also have a starter kit which includes 200 ml bottles of Bitter Clove and Citrus Flower, a deck of Haus playing cards, and a Haus tote bag. Made with all-natural ingredients, the Haus team recommends serving the product on ice, with soda or tonic water, or in a cocktail. They even offer recipes. They also recommend refrigerating the product after opening.

“Antiquated liquor laws have stunted innovation in the spirits space since prohibition, despite the fact that today’s drinkers are desperate for something different,” said Haus co-founder and co-CEO Helena Price Hambrecht. “Selling directly to the drinker means we can build relationships with our customers, iterate quickly based on their feedback and ultimately create the products they want.”

Haus investor Gerry Ruvo also commented on how Haus is different than would-be competitors:

“With the low-ABV category on the rise and millennials caring more and more about what they’re putting in their bodies, Haus fills a massive gap in the beverage space. The business is completely unique when you look at consumer packaged goods. Unlike most brands, Haus produces the product end-to-end with no middle man, and is running a hyper-efficient production system that’s almost impossible to replicate. I’m thrilled to be an early partner,” Ruvo said.

Insider Take:

This is another example where the membership model can take a unique startup and provide it with a scalable operation. The company started small a year ago, built an audience, and created a plan strong enough to attract investors. Now with $4.5 million in seed money, Haus can try the membership model to scale its operation according to demand. Maybe they’ll add more flavors and grow beyond their current market, both of which are possible in a membership-based business.