We’re changing the way that bills are presented and paid. From local municipalities to Fortune 500s, we work with businesses of every size across all industries to make it easier to communicate with customers, deliver electronic bills, and receive payments.

Paymentus is a leading provider of cloud-based bill payment technology and solutions. We deliver our next-generation product suite through a modern technology stack to more than 1,700 billers and financial institutions. Our platform is used by tens of millions of consumers and businesses in North America to engage with our clients. In 2021, we completed over 280 million payment transactions.

We serve clients of all sizes that provide non-discretionary services across a variety of industry verticals, including utilities, financial services, insurance, government, telecommunications and healthcare. We extend our platform’s reach through our Instant Payment Network, or IPN. By being connected to our IPN, our IPN partners provide their consumers with the full capabilities of our next generation product suite, including the ability to engage with and make payments to our large and growing base of billers. Those partners in turn expand our platform’s reach to millions of additional consumers in the United States and globally.

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