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Alliant delivers audience-based solutions built from transactional data, advanced data science and high-performance technology. Our DataHub is a Member-driven database that collects billions of transaction-level details — including “positive” and “negative” behaviors — that are aggregated and transformed for analytics. The result — stable and predictive solutions that predict the value of every consumer, for any offer.

Alliant’s business was founded almost 20 years ago to help subscription marketers mail more profitably. Today, Alliant provides powerful predictive audiences and first-party data enrichment to drive acquisition, retention and reactivation across programmatic, social, TV and email. We have developed thousands of subscription-focused variables and models, meaning subscription marketers can quickly activate and prove ROI. And when you work with Alliant, you will have a team of data scientists and strategists that are always available to consult on customized solutions that will innovate your business and grow your subscriber base.

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