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Five on Friday: Adblocking, Advertising and Influencing

Happy Valentine's Day! In this week's edition of Five on Friday, we share highlights from Blockthrough/PageFair's 2020 adblocking report to see how adblocking is moving to mobile, YouTube's advertising revenue hits a staggering $15 billion in 2019, Content Marketing Institute schools us on what we need to know about vanity metrics, Canada warns brands and influencers to follow the rules, and Flipboard launches a subscription video service.

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Facebook Spends $50 Million to 140 Media Companies and Celebrities for Live Video

Facebook is betting big on Live Video, its new live broadcasting tool, spending more than $50 million to entice 140 or so media companies, pro athletes and celebrities to create live video streams to share on the social media network, said the Wall Street Journal. Why? To cash in on potential advertising opportunities that Live Video might generate by further engaging its audience of 1.65 billion monthly Facebook users.

Q1 Financials: How Did Subscription Companies Fare?

With the first quarter of 2015 behind us, let's take a look at how some subscription companies fared.tfl McClatchy takes $11 million hit due to decreased ad revenue Last week McClatchy Co. reported that it lost $11 million in the first quarter of the year. Though that's a big hit, it is an improvement over the $16 million hit the publishing giant took following the first quarter of 2014. The biggest culprits in the loss were declining…

Time Warner to Reduce Ads & Increase Programming on TBS in 2016

During Time Warner's (NYSE: TWX) third quarter earnings call, the company announced it plans to experiment with reducing the number of ads on some of the Turner Broadcasting System's cable channels, says The Verge. The goal? To appeal to younger audiences, including cord cutters and cord nevers who prefer to watch TV over the Internet, sometimes called over-the-top (OTT) TV. According to Variety, Time Warner will begin testing with TruTV, a reality TV/comedy channel, in the…

Netflix Ends 2013 with 44 Million Subscribers and $1.18 Billion in Revenue

By Minal Bopaiah Netflix released its Q4 earnings recently, reporting it had generated $1.18 billion in revenue, a 24% growth over last year's numbers. More interestingly, the site reported that it had 44.35 subscribers, with 33.42 million domestic subscribers and 10.93 million international subscribers. The streaming video on-demand site beat out its own target of adding 2 million subscribers in Q4 with a total of 2.33 new subscribers. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings wrote in a letter to shareholders…

Subscriber Files Class Action Suit Against Netflix Over Price Increase

Netflix is also on the ropes as folks fight back against the pending $2 a month price increase. A Florida subscriber filed a suit against Netflix, saying that the streaming video provider has failed to honor its contract to grandfather him in at the $7.99 a month rate. Does the subscriber have a legitimate beef, or is he simply looking to cash in on Netflix's success? The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division, will decide.
Netflix to close dormant subscriptions

Netflix Plans to Add Video Games Next Year

Netflix plans to add video games to its streaming platform in 2022, helping the company expand reach and diversify revenue.

Google Names New Subscription Music Service, Spotify Launches in Canada

There's been rumors for months that Google is planning on launching a subscription music service on YouTube, and now the rumor mill is saying the search giant plans to name the service "YouTube Music Key." The service will "offer ad-free playback, the ability to save songs and videos for offline listening, and an audio-only interface for when you're multitasking or want to have music on in the background, all for $9.99 per month," reports The Verge. Google…
Weekly Subscription News: Duos, Downplays and Daily Digests

Weekly Subscription News: Games, Tweets and Wrestlemania

The Information will launch a newsletter business, Twitter considers an "undo" feature, and WWE fans need to subscribe to Peacock to watch Wrestlemania 37.
Five on Friday: Combining, Churning and Changing

Five on Friday: Combining, Churning and Changing

PlayStation is combining its subscription services, Grow Credit is helping students build credit thru subscriptions, and Square becomes Block.

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