4 customer service reps at their desks talking to customers on headsets

Subscription Insider Cheat Sheet: Customer Service Job Description Checklist

Before you post your next customer service rep job opening, review our members-only checklist!

Customer service is an important part of a subscription business, whether you are launching a startup or have an established subscription company. In fact, customer service can make or break a user experience for your subscribers, so selecting the right customer service representatives is vital to your organization. To make it easier for you, we’ve developed a Customer Service Job Description Checklist to use before you post your next customer service rep job.

________ Description of Responsibilities: List the responsibilities of the customer service representative. Consider including additional information such as average contact volume, level of status reporting required, and whom the customer service rep will interact with, internally and externally (e.g., customers, subscribers, prospects, advertisers, vendors, internal staff, etc.).

________ Hours of Work: List times of day and days of the week.

________ Types of Customer Service: Indicate what types of customer service will be required, including technical/help desk, non-technical, advertiser, subscriber/member-focused work, or all of the above.

________ Level of Selling Expected: Indicate if the customer service rep will be required to do any selling, take orders, recommend options, or proactively upsell.

________ Other Non Customer Service Duties: If the customer service rep will have additional duties, such as receptionist, copyediting, copywriting or other duties, list those in the job description.

________ Evaluation Criteria: Though not necessary to include in the customer service rep job description, it can be helpful to indicate the performance criteria on which the prospective employee will be judged. For example, will they be evaluated based on customer satisfaction surveys, or are there are other specific items they will be evaluated on that indicate the importance of their service quality?

________ Experience and Educational Requirements: If there are specific experience and/or education requirements, list those in the job description, including any language or technical proficiencies that will be required.

Three customer service reps on the phone with customers
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