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STAT PACK: 2022 Tech Trends

Global chip supply, 5G advancements, the metaverse and more!

Technology is all around us, impacting and improving our lives in countless ways. In fact, it seems we hear about a new app, technology or trend that can streamline our businesses, home and school lives virtually every day. Because technology changes so quickly, it can be hard to stay on top of these tech trends, so we are bringing you the latest and greatest data on the global chip supply shortage, 5G advancements, artificial intelligence in cyberseurity, the metaverse in more. Read or download our latest STAT PACK today.

Table of Contents

Global chip supply

  • Semiconductor market size worldwide 2020-2030, by application
  • Value of semiconductor content in electronic systems worldwide 1999-2021
  • Capital spending in the semiconductor industry worldwide 2000-2021
  • Capital spending in the semiconductor industry worldwide 2018-2021, by product type 
  • Top semiconductor companies worldwide 2019-2021, by sales revenue 

5G advancements

  • Global 5G subscriptions 2019-2027 
  • Economic gains from 5G by selected countries 2030
  • Countries with the highest number of cities in which 5G is available 2021 
  • Global 5G smartphone unit sales 2019-2021 
  • Year on year sales growth rate for 5G smartphone manufacturers Q3 2021

Real-time analysis

  • Global IoT adoption rate 2021, by use case 
  • Global cloud IT infrastructure spending 2013-2024
  • IT data center systems total spending worldwide 2012-2023
  • Global 5G infrastructure market 2020-2025, by application 
  • Total global edge enabled IoT devices 2020-2030, by market

Medical wearables

  • Internet of medical things market size worldwide 2019-2027
  • Medical wearable devices market revenue worldwide 2021-2026, by region
  • Smartwatch and fitness tracker shipments worldwide 2021-2024
  • Wearable medical sensor and device shipments worldwide 2021-2024 
  • Reasons to use smartwatches in the US 2021

AI in security

  • AI in cyber security market size worldwide 2019-2027
  • Emerging technologies that would best counter cyber attacks worldwide 2021
  • Strategies against AI cyber attacks worldwide 2021
  • Global challenges when responding to AI cyber attacks 2021
  • Confidential computing TAM share worldwide 2021-2026, by technology segment

Sustainable IT

  • Global enterprise sustainability IT strategy 2021, by sector 
  • Global enterprise IT measures to reduce carbon footprint 2021, by category
  • Global implementation challenges for sustainable IT 2021 
  • Global adoption of emerging technologies to target sustainability 2021, by industry
  • Global enterprise willingness to pay for sustainable IT products 2021, by sector


  • Metaverse potential market opportunity worldwide 2021, by scenario
  • U.S. metaverse potential consumer expenditure TAM 2022, by segment 
  • Main reasons for joining the metaverse worldwide 2021 
  • Benefits of the metaverse worldwide 2021 
  • U.S. adults brands most associated with the metaverse 2022

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