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Weekly Subscription News: Nonprofits, Newspapers and Net Neutrality

Financial Times to hit 1M digital-only subscribers; Capital B launches as nonprofit newsroom; App Annie rebrands as

In this week’s subscription news round-up, the Financial Times is close to hitting 1 million digital-only subscribers; Simon Owens explains in his media newsletter why he thinks micropayments will never be popular; and PYMNTS reports that supply chain disruptions are causing an increase in transaction disputes. Also, Capital B, written for and by Black people, launches a nonprofit newsroom; Press Gazette says the top 25 newspapers have lost 30% in print sales over the last two years; and YouTube launches a Valentine campaign to compete against TikTok.

Financial Times Nears 1 Million Digital-Only Subscribers

The 4 Hurdles Micropayment Platforms Can’t Overcome
Simon Owens’s Media Newsletter

America’s Top 25 Newspapers Have Lost 30% of Print Sales in Two Years
Press Gazette

Transaction Disputes Rise as Supply Chain Disruptions Persist

Broadband Providers Urge Court to Reconsider California Net Neutrality Law
Digital News Daily

Capital B, Written For and By Black People, Launches as Nonprofit Newsroom
Nieman Lab

App Annie Rebrands as, the First Unified Data AI Company

YouTube Launches Valentine’s Day Push on Shorts to Compete with TikTok
Social Media Today

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