Weekly Subscription News: Phishing, Focus and Fury

Featuring Politico, HP, BBC and Penguin Random House

Weekly Subscription News: Phishing

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Phishing scams, new focuses and fury dominate the subscription headlines this week: phishing hackers are targeting PayPal accounts, Politico has a new FDA-focused subscription that will cost as much as $75,000 a year, and angry HP customers take to Twitter to rant about HP demanding people sign up for monthly ink subscriptions. Also, Apple is looking at acquiring MGM, BBC will be making cuts as it shifts its focus to digital news, and Penguin Random House pulls certain titles from their unlimited-reading subscription service.

Apple Is Working on a Massive Acquisition That Could Be a Game Changer|

Politicos New FDA-focused Subscription Product Costs as Much as $75K a Year

AT&T Streaming Investments Take $1.2B Chunk of Revenue

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