Weekly Subscription News: Friends, Financial Distress and Fiscal Results

Featuring: Apple, Twitch, XBox, McClatcy and Netflix

Weekly Subscription News: Friends

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In this week’s subscription headlines, Netflix starts the New Year without ‘Friends,” McClatchy’s financial distress has the company considering a sale, and Disney+ customers are canceling subscriptions after the Mandalorian season ends. Also this week, Comcast and Starz strike a deal, streaming channels score Golden Globes nominations, and Amazon’s Twitch generated more revenue than YouTube gaming in 2019.

Apple’s Services Revenue Is Likely to Cross $50 Billion in Fiscal 2020
The Motley Fool

Twitch Generated More Revenue than YouTube Gaming in 2019

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, And Newcomer Apple TV+ Dominate Golden Globes Nominations

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Disney+ Customers Canceling Subscriptions After Mandalorian Season Ends
PJ Media

McClatchys Financial Distress Has the Company Exploring Options – Including a Sale

Comcast and Starz Strike Streaming-era Carriage Deal
The Drum

Xbox Game Pass Makes a Strong Case for Microsofts Game Subscription Service
The Washington Post

Friends No More: Netflix Loses Key Content to Start 2020
Media Play News