Weekly Subscription News: Competition, Collaboration and Control

Featuring SiriusXM, Financial Times, Spotify, NFL and Twitter

Competition, collaboration and control are among this weeks subscription headlines. Others include Financial Times investment in Business of Fashion, Spotifys price hike test in Scandinavia and Disneys competitive pricing against rival Netflix. Also this week, NFLs subscription packages may violate the Sherman Antitrust Act, new details of Apple+ TV have been leaked, and Twitter bans advertising from state-controlled media.

Disney's $12.99 Shot Across Netflix's Bow

Financial Times Invests in Business of Fashion, Collaborates on Subscription Tech
Publishers Daily

Spotify to Test Subscription Price Hike in Scandinavia

NFL Subscription Packages Might Violate the Sherman Antitrust Act
For the Win

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Google AdSense, AdMob Rolling Out Updates to Prevent Ad Spend on Invalid Traffic
Marketing Land

New Apple TV+ Subscription Details Just Leaked Out

SiriusXM Undercuts Rivals with $4 a Month Student Subscription

Twitter Bans Advertising from State-Controlled News Media
Publishers Daily