Stick to Text-only Emails for Subscription Confirmation Receipts

The first email you send to new subscribers after they join your digital subscription service typically generates much higher open rates and clickthrough rates than your typical broadcast messages. For that reason, a receipt email is a good vehicle for sharing a little more information than the standard account details, beyond just username & password.Providing a few links to speed users to some of your site’s most valuable content — or reiterating the benefits-oriented language that helped you land the subscription in the first place — can reduce the chances of buyers-remorse that some subscribers inevitably feel after giving over their credit card.Although you should modify a receipt emails, don’t be tempted to use HTML templates for these messages. Stick to text-only emails for important transactional messages, as HTML emails can result in deliverability problems – especially for new subscribers who haven’t added you to their approved sender list.Although I’ve seen beautifully designed HTML receipt emails for some subscription sites, such as, they tend to be used by the largest, most trusted email brands out there. ISPs make email filtering decisions based on a domain’s overall email sender reputation, compiled from the cumulative number of complaints and spam-trap hits generated over time from all their email sends. If you’re a smaller site that might not have the bulletproof email sender reputation of a Consumer Reports, play it safe with text-only transactional emails to ensure new subscribers get their critical login information. That way, they can start using your service immediately.Also, you can add a follow-up email Welcome series that makes the most of your team’s HTML design capabilities to further engage subscribers with your site and get them coming back again and again – one of the key tactics for turning new members into long-term subscribers.

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