Axel Springer to Merge Insider Inc. and eMarketer Inc. Next Year

The companies will be combined to capitalize on each others strengths and grow their respective audiences.

Membership News: Axel Springer to Merge Insider Inc. and eMarketer Inc. Next Year

Source: Insider Inc.

Last week, German publisher Axel Springer announced it will merge its U.S. companies, Insider Inc. and eMarketer Inc., effective January 1, 2020. Insider Inc. publishes digital business news brands Business Insider and Markets Insider and general interest news brand Insider. Insider Inc.s sites have a combined audience of over 170 million unique visitors worldwide, according to Google Analytics.

The New York-based Insider Inc. has a staff of 500 and utilizes a freemium model. In addition to free news content, Insider Inc. also offers paid memberships and industry intelligence. A Business Insider Prime membership, or BI Prime, is $12.95 a month, $99 a year or $179 for two-years. This product gives members unlimited access to BI Prime stories on and within the BI app, an exclusive daily newsletter and free access to one of BIs partners such as Digiday+ or Next Big Idea Club.

Business Insider Intelligence (BII) offers in-depth coverage and reports on a variety of topics such as virtual reality, 5G and the Internet of Things and special reports. Items can be purchased a la carte or packaged in bundles.

We are very happy with Insider Inc. and eMarketer. Thanks to the excellent teams and great leadership of Henry Blodget, Terry Chabrowe and Geoff Ramsey, both companies are perfectly positioned in terms of relevance, products and financial performance, said Jan Bayer, president of news media international at Axel Springer in a June 13 news release.

As we are entering the next phase of our U.S. growth strategy, we will combine the growth and reach of Insider Inc. with the unsurpassed expertise of eMarketer, thereby creating the condition for sustainable long-term growth also in the B2B sector. Insider Inc. and eMarketer will both benefit from this next phase of development. They will be able to expand their market position in the U.S. and internationally, informing and educating more customers with their enhanced products and services, Bayer added.

Henry Blodget, founder and CEO of Insider Inc., will be the CEO for the merged group.

BII and eMarketer are both excellent at what they do – but combined they will be a force to reckon with. Our plans for the combined group are ambitious: Together with our colleagues from eMarketer we want to build the next generation digital research company that will be the go-to place for those shaping the digital transformation happening across all industries, said Blodget of the merger.

Membership News: Axel Springer to Merge Insider Inc. and eMarketer Inc. Next Year

Source: eMarketer Inc.

eMarketer, based in New York, is a research resource for digital marketing, media and commerce. More than 1,100 companies subscribe to eMarketer, including Fortune 500 companies. Terry Chabrowe, co-founder and CEO of eMarketer, will advise the joint company and serve on the board of directors. eMarketer has about 160 employees.

The team at eMarketer has accomplished a lot – but theres a lot more potential out there. Bringing Insider Inc. and eMarketer together makes complete strategic sense and will enable both companies to grow to the next level. I am excited about the future and looking forward to working with the group and its leadership team, Chabrowe said.

eMarketer also uses a freemium model. Articles and a daily newsletter are available for free. Pro Limited User and Pro SMB memberships are available and provide members with access to analyst reports, statpacks, executive interviews, customizable charts, proprietary forecasts, aggregated data and global coverage. eMarketer does not publish pricing, however. Interested readers need to contact eMarketer for a quote.

Insider Take:

This merger is another example of the media consolidation we are seeing so much of in 2019. Newspapers, magazines and digital news sites are finding ways to cut expenses while growing revenue. This combination seems like a great fit under the Axel Springer publishing brand. The companies are both based in New York, have a digital focus and similar business models. By combining their assets and talent, they are likely to find many synergies and opportunities for future growth.