Are Consumer Magazines Making Money on Digital Offerings?

So every consumer magazine has some sort of digital arm by now, but is the digital piece driving profits? Folio and CDS Global partnered to produce a report, Monetizing the Digital Revolution, which has some of the answers. Here are some of the most interesting findings:

  • Digital-only still represents a small piece of the consumer publishing pie – only 12% of gross revenues in 2010, but that represents a 24% increase in one year.
  • By 2016, publishers expect about 35% of their total revenue to come from digital and e-media.
  • Only 4% of publishers feel they have fully developed their digital growth strategy.
  • 51% of publishers say they have “interactive digital editions” and 37% of these organizations charge for theirdigital, e-reader or tablet digital editions.
  • The average single issue pricing for these digital editions is $4.42 and $27.33 for 12 issues.
  • Companies with over 11 publications are more likely to continue to experiment with various evolving technologies than publishers with under 10 titles.

The free, downloadable report offers plenty more data and interviews with industry leaders. Worth a read.