Apple’s New In-App Subscription Policy Is Good News for Subscription Sites

There’s news from Apple today that the company quietly revised its in-app subscription policies and this should be welcome news to subscription publishers. The two biggest developments are:1. It is no longer a requirement that an external subscriptions must be also offered as an in-app purchase. Publishers can now link to purchased or subscription content outside of the app without also requiring a similar or better deal in the App Store. So yes, there can be links outside of the app to paid content but reportedly that link or button cannot take app users to a purchase page. (If this sticks, some publishers might be tempted to insert a purchase page somewhere in there, perhaps after the initial outside page, but I don’t recommend doing so and running afoul of Apple in anyway).2. Publisher are no longer required to give App Store customers the lowest subscription price. Previously, Apple required that publishers give the app subscription a lower price than subscriptions in any other format. Apple has now done away with all pricing guidelines. In fact, Mac Rumors suggests that “(publishers) could offer in-app subscriptions with a premium to cover Apple’s 30% cut for In-App Subscription payments.”Our sister site Subscription Site Insider recently hosted an exclusive webinar on the science of marketing and selling subscription iPad apps. If you’re a current member or become one, you can enjoy this iPad App Webinar on demand.

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