2 Reasons Why Banner Ads are Great for Niche Subscription Sites

This week, Ryan Dohrn spoke to Insider members about selling advertising on paywall sites. He had lots of great tips, but my favorite was the fact that banner and display ads still work — and they work *really* well for niche publications.Dohrn, founder of 360 Ad Sales, explained how advertisers love buying ad space on paywall/subscription websites since they’re clearly getting an audience interested enough in the niche topic to pay for content. Which means the audience may also pay for the advertiser’s product or service.In addition, paying subscribers don’t necessarily mind ads — so long as they’re relevant. In other words, the audience for a horse riding publication will find it useful to know about horse riding paraphernalia through advertising, but probably don’t see any worth in ads for Chanel No. 5 (even if the ad has Brad Pitt).Also, make sure the ads are not intrusive. Video advertising is growing, but it’s best used when a viewer is waiting to watch a video, or gets to cue the video him/herself through an interactive ad. It’s horrible when it’s an intrusive ad blocking articles and written content.Of course, you want to make sure your ads are priced in a way that make them worth the effort. To learn some tips and tricks for maximizing revenues, check out the Ad Sales for Paywall Sites On-Demand Video on Subscription Site Insider today!

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