August 1, 2014

LinkedIn Subscription Revenue Rises 44% to $105 Million in Q2

LinekdIn announced its quarterly earnings this week, stating its total revenue for Q2 was $534 million, an increase of 47% compared to $364 million in the second quarter of 2013. More notably, 20%, or $105 million, was from premium subscriptions alone. That’s a 44% increase over subscription revenue in Q2 of 2013, which is impressive for a site that’s 11 years old now. In contrast to The New York Times, which is struggling to maintain steady growth…

Target Data Breach Impact on Debit Cards

We have seen the impact of the breach in the form of an increase in certain declines that indicate a closed account or potentially fraudulent activity. When viewing data from Paul Larsen Consulting merchants in aggregate, for a mix of credit and debit cards, the rate of Invalid Account Number declines more than doubled over the same time prior year, from just over 9% to 19%. Also on the rise were restricted card and pick up card declines.