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Publishers Service Associates
Publishers Service Associates


High-Quality, Fairly-Priced
Fulfillment and Call Center Services

PSA is your full-service subscription fulfillment partner
for today’s complex publishing world.

Publishers Service Associates is designed and built with specialized FULL-SERVICE fulfillment needs in mind.  From our state of the art technology to our industry-unique high touch, soft-sell approach to serving your customers. Our services include:

  • Customer Service,
  • Telemarketing,
  • Order Data Entry,
  • Document Processing Services,
  • Batching, and Associated Bank and Credit Card Depositing,
  • Conference Order Processing and Support,
  • Order Pick, Pack, and Ship,
  • Web Site-Database Connection Programs and Support,
  • Specialized computer tracking for any type of continuity program,
  • File Maintenance,
  • List Processing and Management,
  • Printing and Mailing,
  • Warehousing and Inventory of warehoused items,
  • and many Special Consulting Services.

We are one of the only fulfillment bureaus to offer clients an in-house “profit center” with our outbound teleservices division supporting upsells, cross-sells and general sales support all housed at our headquarters in Williamsport, PA.

PSA services dozens of publishers and hundreds of publications, large and small and we’re different from other subscription fulfillment organizations. The same team opens the mail, batches, cages, deposits, does data entry AND handles all aspects of customer service. When they talk to a subscriber on the phone, they often remember processing the customer's request when the order first came in. The result? Catching errors in your mail, making the customer feel special, updating your database with phone numbers and email addresses, and making sure the data is entered correctly the FIRST time. Also, your customers receive personal, customized service from your team of CSRs - building on customer loyalty and satisfaction.

There’s just no comparison. PSA’s program is the model for high-quality subscription fulfillment.

PSA, Publishers Service Associates, has been providing high quality, fairly priced Fulfillment, and Call Center Services to subscription-driven businesses since 1998.
Product Description

Publishers Service Associates offers a comprehensive suite of subscription fulfillment services to the Publishing and Association industries.
• Customer Service
• Complete Subscription Fulfillment Subscription Database/File Maintenance
• Mailing Services & Lettershop
• PSA Complete our Web Portal Circulation system
• Telemarketing
• List Processing and Database Management
• Conference Order Processing and Support
• Daily Mail Processing
• Special Consulting Services

• Telemarketing: We do not “dial for dollars” all of our calling is “soft touch, conversational calling” we do not use scripts.

• Complete subscription fulfillment online reporting
• Publishers Dashboard available 24/7 from ANY mobile device

Hundreds of reports are available anytime you want them. Below is just a sample of the reports PSA can provide to you.
• Analysis Reporting
o Order History Report
o Renewal Order Analysis Report
o Detailed New Order Revenue Report
o Revenue Report AND by the type of transaction (refunds, payment, bounced payment and adjustment).
o Detailed Payment Rates Report
o Summary of Renewal Rates Report
o Summary of Renewal Revenues Report
o Summary of New Orders Report
o Summary of the Payment Rates Report
• Expire and Statistic Reporting
o Customer Statistics Report
o Subscription Statistics Report
o Summary Expire Report
o Add and Drop Report by Issue
o Renewal Effort Inventory Report .
o Prospect Statistics Report –
• Accounting Reporting
o Accounts Receivable Details Report
o General Ledger Report
o Deferred Income Report
o Accounting Detail Report

Our lettershop manager is world class and has been in the business for years. PSA gets the right mailing to the right subscribers at the right time.

Product Features

PSA understands the needs of circulation people at large publishing operations because we worked as circulation professionals at large publishers.

We understand special interest publishers Your readers have a passionate interest in your subject matter, and when they call your service number, they expect to talk to someone who knows the subject matter. Not a “factory worker” call handler.

Members and donors are special people, and they need to be treated that way. At PSA, we know that your members are the lifeblood of your organization. We are skilled at serving them and caring for them in all aspects of the relationship. We know that effective, warm service is essential to renewal and donation revenues.

Business Types Served
Associations, Business Media and Publishing, Consumer Media and Publishing, Magazines, Memberships, Newsletters
Stage Solution is Designed For
Start-up, SMB, Enterprise

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