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There Isn’t Anything At 2040 Digital That is Cookie Cutter.

We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, subscribers, members and customers.

2040 Digital is a full-service strategic solutions firm that helps you navigate today’s complex, constantly-evolving digital business environment. We are specialists in not-for-profits, B2B publishers, B2C publishers, associations, government, and businesses in general.

Everything we do is geared to transforming your organization and fulfilling its potential in a dynamic and ever-increasingly digital world.

Kevin Novak, CE0 2040 Digital

We work with you to build a relevant narrative that singles you out in your market and target market sectors.

We are your partner in strengthening your brand, developing a sustainable business strategy, growing your revenues and engaging your key stakeholders.

Our work is based on trust, built on authenticity and powered through collaboration.

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There isn’t anything at 2040 Digital that is cookie cutter. We deliver powerful results, with solutions, strategies, and recommendations that are matched to your business, market, subscribers, members and customers.
Product Name
Full Service Award-Winning Strategy Services
Product Description

-- Digital Strategy
-- Business Strategy
-- Product Strategy
-- Marketing Strategy
-- Content Strategy
-- Engagement Strategy
-- Data + Analytics
-- Technology Strategy
-- Medical Specialty

Product Features

• Customer Experience: 2040 evaluates your current value propositions and user/target experience
• The Marketplace: Our team evaluates market demand, competitors and opportunities
• Platform Assessment: We assess your current technology platforms and systems for digital readiness
• Engagement Strategy: We deliver strategy, approaches and plans to increase engagement
• Revenue Strategy: We deliver a short-and long-term relevant revenue-generating digital strategy

• The Marketplace: 2040 Digital evaluates your business opportunities and challenges and matches them to strategies for success in the digital economy
• Digital Assets: We audit current technological systems and make recommendations for your digital readiness
• Business Playbook: Our team researches, develops and facilitates your business plans, joint ventures, partnerships and revenue expansion
• Business Plans: Our team provides you the plans you need to begin your evolution

• Great Expectations: 2040 Digital understands the demands placed on you and knows how to help you meet those expectations
• In-Depth Understanding: Our team brings a holistic understanding of policy, regulation, compliance and ethics
• Industry Expertise: We have extensive knowledge of Pharma, the industry in general and the insurance sector
• Practitioner and Patient Expertise: We intimately understand practitioner and patient consumption and engagement behaviors and practices
• Continuing Medical Education Expertise: Our depth of expertise transcends to creating, measuring and delivering CME and MOC

• Engagement and Reach: 2040 Digital helps you maximize reach and engagement with content, messaging and conversation
• Market Analysis: Our team conducts comprehensive market and social analysis, including a review of competitor activities
• Engagement and Behavioral Flows: Our team build the engagement flows correlated to content, communications and marketing to increase consumption, relevance and conversion
• Persona Development and Analysis: Our team builds your persona sets to ensure continual value oriented marketing and communications
• Actionable Results: We measure your reach, engagement and conversation with actionable results

• 360° Audit: 2040 Digital identifies current reach, impact and challenges
• Gaps and Opportunities: Our team researches current strategy and identifies tactical gaps and opportunities
• Segmentation: We create segmentation of your current and prospect audiences
• Benefits: We revaluate and test your value proposition
• Mapping: Our team maps your value-producing marketing and communication funnels

• Platform Solutions: 2040 Digital assess, audits and recommends platforms and solutions
• Systems Assessment: Our team acts as an independent resource to research, identify and rank your technology platforms and systems
• Staff, Platforms and Practices: We conduct a 360° organizational analysis and assess current digital capabilities

• Content Review: 2040 Digital conducts a comprehensive content review that reveals your potential for digital storytelling and creating a rich content experience
• Positioning: Our team conducts competitive positioning analysis and research ensuring you stand out
• Education: We educate staff and stakeholders how to develop editorial calendars, content themes and plans ensuring immediate and long-term process change

• Increase Revenue: 2040 Digital determines how to better leverage customer information, insights and sales activity to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction
• Digital Assessment: Our team assesses and builds your digital analytics capability and strategy
• Increase Effectiveness: We create reports and dashboards to measure your performance
• Serve as Your Partner: We maintain a role as your insights partner and provider

• Customer Satisfaction: 2040 Digital assesses customer product experience, interaction and determines customer satisfaction and overall customer sentiment
• Models and Practices: Our team assesses product-oriented support, models and practices

Business Types Served
Associations, Business Media and Publishing, Business Services, Consumer Media and Publishing, Magazines, Memberships, Newsletters
Stage Solution is Designed For
Start-up, SMB, Enterprise

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