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Weekly Subscription News: Royalties, Vending Machines and E-Scooters

Featuring Xbox, Coca-Cola, MoviePass, Unagi and Clubhouse

In this week’s subscription news headlines, Spotify reports that more than 13,000 artists’ catalogs earned at least $50,000 in royalties last year, GameRant says that PC subscribers of Xbox Game Pass don’t get the same selection as console users, and there are rumors that MoviePass could be making a comeback. Also, Coca-Cola is trying vending machine subscriptions in Japan, Unagi e-scooters are rolling into Seattle, and publishers are finding audiences – and considering monetization opportunities – in Clubhouse.

Spotify Says Over 13K Artists Earned at Least $50K in Royalties in 2020
The Verge

PC Game Pass Subscribers Get the Short End of the Stick

The Life, Death and Potential Rebirth of MoviePass

Coca-Cola Is Launching Vending Machine Subscriptions in Japan
Yahoo! Finance

Sleek New E-Scooter Subscription Service Unagi Rolls into Seattle
Seattle PI

Google to Invest $7BB in Bet on Post-Pandemic Office
The Wall Street Journal

Publishers Are Finding Audiences on Clubhouse and Eyeing Monetization

Newsday Offers Production Services to Outside Clients
Media Post

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