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Weekly Subscription News: Allegations, Antitrust and Automatic Charges

Featuring Fortnite, Wall Street Journal, Tesla and Activision

There’s never a dull moment in the subscription world. This week, a choreographer is suing Fortnite for allegedly stealing dance moves, Elizabeth Warren wants to crack down on big tech companies for antitrust violations, and developers may be able to automatically charge Apple users for subscription price increases soon. Also, Amazon is leveraging subscription services to grow its grocery market share, Telecine Multimedia releases a content subscription service for banks, and a new Tesla subscription service is coming to select U.S. cities, starting at $995 a month.

Amazon Leverages Subscription Services to Narrow Walmart’s Food Lead

Fortnite Faces Copyright Lawsuit for Allegedly Stealing Copyrighted Dance Moves

Wall Street Journal’s WSJPlus Partners with Digital Subscription Service Readly
Editor & Publisher

A New Tesla Subscription Service to Launch in Select US Cities for $995 a Month

Call of Duty 2.0 with Subscription-Based Content is Stellar Opportunity for Activision
PlayStation Lifestyle

Elizabeth Warren’s Plan to Break Up Big Everything

Telecine Multimedia Releases Content Subscription Service for Banks
Digital Signage Today

Developers May Soon Be Able to Automatically Charge Apple Users for Subscription Price Increases

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