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Weekly Subscription News: Renting, Spending and Responding

Consumer spending growth is slowing, ChatGPT allegedly made up fake Guardian articles, Snapchat+ grows to 3M subscribers.

While subscription companies start rolling our their first quarter financials, others are focusing on operations. In this week’s subscription news roundup, popular B2B business Intercom dumps Twitter over Musk’s API price hike, Snapchat+ grows to 3 million subscribers, and ClimateTrade acquires TeamClimate to offer a consumer subscription. Also this week, Warner Bros. Discovery says new premium content will reduce churn, Rent the Runway gives customers extra clothes for free, and ChatGPT is allegedly making up fake Guardian articles, and Guardian is pushing back.

Popular B2B Business Intercom Dumps Twitter over Musk’s API Price Hike

Snapchat+ Subscription Now Has More Than 3 Million Users

ClimateTrade Acquires TeamClimate to Offer Consumer Subscription
Phocus Wire

New Subscriber Content Will Bring Churn Down, Says Warner Bros. Discovery CEO

Rent the Runway Gives Customers Extra Clothes for No Extra Charge; It’s Boosting Business
Business Insider

Consumer Spending Growth on Subscriptions Like PS Plus Is Slowing
Push Square

ChatGPT Is Making Up Fake Guardian Articles. Here is How The Guardian is Responding.
The Guardian

Retail Subscription Features Help Woo Consumer Engagement

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