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Weekly Subscription News: Quitting, Hinting and Testing

Featuring Daily News, HBO Max, Apple, Google and Coinbase

In the subscription headlines this week, the Daily News Union protests working conditions as staff quit in droves, and updates to Google Search will prioritize real reviews over clickbait. Also, streaming video gets the most views in July, Amazon is testing a TikTok-like feed and Coinbase sees a subscription model in its future.

Daily News Union Rips Owner Over Work Conditions, Staff Quitting in Droves
New York Post

Google Search Updates Will Prioritize Real Reviews Over Clickbait
The Verge

Streaming Claims Largest Piece of TV Viewing Pie in July

Amazon Is Internally Testing a TikTok-Like Feed in Its App

HBO Max, Amid Content Purge, Launches 30% Discount Offer

Apple Adds New Charges to Podcasts Tracking Subscription Shows & Channels
Apple Insider

Twitter Whistleblower Claims Musk Was Right About Bots; FTC Reviewing Report
Ars Technica

Coinbase Subscription Model Is the Future: CEO Hints at Revenue Sources

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