Twitter acquires Revue to help publishers, writers and creators monetize content through paid newsletters.

Followers Can Now Subscribe to Revue Newsletters in Tweets

A new feature for Revue writers and their readers to subscribe with single-click sign-ups

Last week, online newsletter platform Revue announced that Twitter followers can now subscribe to Revue newsletters directly from tweets in their timeline. This subscription feature is currently available for Revue writers on desktop and mobile web, and it will soon be available in the Twitter app on iOS and Android devices.

“This is all part of our mission to help you grow. We already made it possible for followers to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your Twitter profile. And now they can from Tweets as well, some with just one click,” said Anna from Revue in an October 22, 2021 blog post.

One-click sign-ups

There will be no more double opt-ins for most users. With the new feature, most followers can sign up for Revue newsletters with a single click. Followers just click on a link in the related tweet, and they’ll be signed up for the newsletter using the email address tied to their Twitter account. Users who don’t have an email tied to their Twitter account will have to take the extra step to go to the writer’s Revue profile page to subscribe to the respective newsletter.

Response to new feature mostly positive

People who shared the news on Twitter were pleased with the new addition.

Twitter acquires Sphere

Twitter continues to make improvements to Revue to make it more attractive to writers and subscribers alike. But they aren’t content to just focus on one area. Two days before the Revue announcement, Twitter acquired group chat app Sphere. Sphere said in a blog post that the acquisition will help them to accelerate their mission to bring people together through community. The Sphere feed encourages people to connect with each other and to do so in a productive, meaningful way. They do this by highlighting important messages, clearing out old and irrelevant conversations, and encouraging people to express gratitude.

“There are only a few companies today who believe in this vision and are in a position to make meaningful progress towards it. Much like others, we’ve been watching and admiring Twitter’s growing investment in community-building with the release of Communities, Spaces, and features that promote safety. When we met the team, we were even more impressed by how seriously they are pursuing interest-based community and how much they believe in its potential impact,” said the Sphere team in an October 20 blog post.

“Today’s announcement means we have the opportunity to take what we’ve learned at Sphere and bring our efforts to a whole new level. While we’ll be winding down our standalone product next month, we’re excited for our team of 20 to continue onwards within the Communities, Direct Messages, and Creators initiatives at Twitter. We can’t think of a better home for this work and are beyond excited to get started,” Sphere added.

Twitter acquires group chat platform Sphere. Image courtesy of Sphere.

Insider Take

Twitter has certainly had a busy year, launching subscription service Twitter Blue in Canada and Australia, acquiring Scroll, launching Super Follows paid subscriptions, launching a weather news subscription service and, of course, acquiring Revue, just to name a few of their accomplishments. These actions have several things in common: diversifying revenue through subscription products, building community, and making Twitter indispensable to its users.

We can’t predict which of these subscription services will prove to be successful, but through its acquisitions, Twitter has “acquired” incredible talent and already-successful services with built-in audiences. They just have to figure out how to successfully integrate them with their social ecosystem for maximum benefit.

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