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Featuring Telegraph, YouTube, Facebook, Stripe and Roku

In this week’s subscription headlines, Telegraph is having success with digital subscriptions, surpassing 600K; YouTube makes $6 billion in ad revenue the last quarter (yes, Billion with a B); and Facebook’s ad business surges as well. Also this week, Stripe acquires TaxJar to add cloud-based, automated sales tax tools to its platform, Snapchat’s Spotlight – a TikTok competitor – has 125 million monthly active users, and NPR will offer paid podcast subscriptions soon.

Telegraph Sees Profits Rise as Digital Subscribers Surpass 600,000
The Drum

YouTube Clocked $6 Billion in Ad Revenue Last Quarter, a 49% Increase

Facebook’s Ad Business Drives Surge in Revenue
The Wall Street Journal

Stripe Acquires TaxJar to Add Cloud-Based, Automated Sales Tax Tools to Platform

Univision Partners with Google on Digital Media Advertising Infrastructure
Media Post

Snapchat’s TickTok Competitor, Spotlight, Has 125M Monthly Active Users

Roku Says It May Lose YouTube TV App After Google Made Anti-Competitive Demands

NPR to Offer Paid Subscriptions for Podcasts
Media Post

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