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Featuring GM, Ford, Peacock, Vimeo and Cengage

Happy Saturday – the weekend is here! In this week’s subscription news round-up, General Motors sues Ford over a possible trademark infringement over the name of hands-free technology, and Peacock’s limited Olympic TV schedule is intentional on the part of NBC.

Also this week, UnitedHealthcare will provide millions of their members with yearlong access to the Peloton app, Capchase raises $280 million to scale its financing platform for subscription businesses, and Virginia college students save over $13 million through Cengage Unlimited subscriptions.

GM Sues Ford Over Possible Trademark Infringement Over Hands-Free Technology Name
Detroit Free Press

Peacock’s Limited Olympic TV Schedule Is Part of NBC’s Plan
The Washington Post

Vimeo, TikTok Partner for Video Ad Creation and Distribution for Small Businesses

UnitedHealthcare to Provide Millions of Members with Yearlong Access to Peloton

Capchase Raises $280M to Scale Financing Platform for Subscription Businesses|

Facebook Bulletin Gets an Infusion of New Creators

Virginia College Students Save Over $13M on Textbooks with Cengage Unlimited
The Central Virginian

Sports Illustrated Inks Podcast Deal with iHeart Media
Media Post

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