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Weekly Subscription News: Playing, Printing and Passkeys

Featuring Spotify, Shopify, Meta, Netflix and The Economist

In this week’s subscription headlines, Spotify wants users to pay for separate ‘play’ and ‘shuffle buttons,’ iOS16 passkeys shows how a passwordless future will work, and Meta is shutting down music app Tuned. Also, Netflix is suing the creators for their unofficial Bridgeton musical on TikTok, Shopify stock drops 14% when they announced layoffs, and one study shows that consumers are willing to trade data for tailored streaming ads.

Spotify Wants Users to Pay for Separate ‘Play’ and ‘Shuffle’ Buttons

iOS16 Passkeys Hands-On Shows How the Passwordless Future Will Work

Netflix Is Suing Creators for an Unofficial Bridgerton Musical on TikTok

Study Shows Consumers Will Trade Data for More Tailored Streaming Ads
Media Post

Meta to Shut Down Couples Music App ‘Tuned’

API Selects Four News Organizations for Inaugural Beyond Print Cohort
American Press Institute

Shopify Stock Sinks 14% After Company Says It Will Lay Off 10% of Workers

The Economist Moves Decisively Digital While Staying True to Its Values

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