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Weekly Subscription News: Meltdowns, Crackdowns and Screwups

Featuring CNN, Netflix, Twitch, Adobe and BuzzFeed

If you are tired of political pundits, we have some fascinating subscription news to share this week, including meltdowns, crackdowns and screwups. First, The Atlantic chronicles the meltdown at CNN, including the ousting of CEO Chris Licht. Next, Netflix sees a spike in subscriptions after cracking down on password sharing, the opposite of what industry experts predicted. And third, Twitch screwed up with its branded content, giving Kick its biggest day to date and causing Twitch to backpedal…quickly. We’ve got those subscription headlines and more in this week’s roundup.

Inside the Meltdown at CNN
The Atlantic

Netflix Sees Spike in Subscriptions After Crackdown on Password-Sharing

Meta Ramps Up Its Threats to Block the News
Columbian Journalism Review

Twitch’s Branded Content Screwup Gave Kick Its Biggest Day Yet

Adobe Aims to Sell Businesses on Its Firefly Generative AI Tools

BuzzFeed Considers Sale of Complex Networks
The Information

Apple Cash Adds Recurring Payments in Latest Addition to Financial Services Offering
Insider Intelligence | eMarketer

The Sun-Times Introduces a ‘Right to be Forgotten’ Policy
Chicago Sun-Times

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