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Weekly Subscription News: Index, Innovation and Increases

Featuring Zuora, Gannett, ByteDance, Texas Observer and Wirecutter

This week’s subscription news features Zuora’s subscription economy index, payments innovation desired by millennials, and Wirecutter’s plans to increase affiliate revenue. Also this week, Gannett CEO Mike Reed predicts the company will sell off more daily newspapers, the Texas Observer raises $270,000 to save their newspaper, and Substack asks newsletter writers to invest in them.

Zuora Subscription Economy Index Continues to Outpace S&P 500
Business Wire

Bridge Millennials Want Payments Innovation as Long as It’s Secure

Gannett CEO Forecasts More Daily Newspaper Sales

ByteDance-Owned Lemon8 Hits US App Store’s Top 10

Instagram Now Lets You Save Posts into Collections Shared with Friends
The Verge

Texas Observer Journalists Raise $270,000 in Bid to Save Publication
The Guardian

Wirecutter Tests New Content on Different Platforms to Increase Affiliate Revenue

Substack Invites Newsletter Writers to Invest

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